Appropriate technology focusing on the poor and on needs of people in mountain areas is a felt need. People living in isolated mountain villages and difficult terrains need technology to make their lives less harsh and less uncertain.

Efforts are made to access affordable technologies that meet people’s needs and requirements or to develop them. INHERE has been trying to access as well as develop diverse technologies to meet the diverse needs of mountain communities.

Shallow infiltration handpump:

The shallow infiltration handpump developed by Dr Tim Rees and shared with him by INHERE is an improvement on the traditional naulas or water collection systems of the area to provide safe drinking water. INHERE in turn has conducted trainings and demonstrations to spread the technology.

Mangal Turbine:

The Mangal turbine developed by Mr Mangal Singh, and patented by him, uses run of the river to lift water as well as perform processing of agriculture produce. Mr Mangal Singh demonstrated it in INHERE for further dissemination.

Solar Dryers:

Low cost dryers using energy of the sun have been developed for small holder farmers who small quantities of produce. These can be custom made in any size.

Ferro cement Fabrication:

Ferro cement fabrication has been used to make poultry sheds, watering and feeding troughs for cattle,

superstructure for sanitary latrines and for storage.


Traditional cattlesheds have been made more habitable by introducing cross ventilation and provision for more light to provide for more habitable and healthy environment for cattle.

Grey water recycling:

Waste water recycling technology using indigenous materials has been developed to enable reuse and conservation of water.

Pine needle briquetting:

Pine needle briquetting technique and stoves have been accessed and promoted.

Vertical composting silos:

Vertical composting silos to compost biodegradable waste in growing villages and mountain towns where land to dump waste is unavailable.

Onfarm agriculture inputs:

A variety of on farm agriculture inputs such as growth promoters, bio pest controllers and composting methods have been tried out and disseminated to give farmer choices.

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