The health facilities are inadequate and limited in the area. It is not easy for the poor and sick in mountain villages to access the facilities which are most often ill equipped and poorly manned. INHERE has been working to provide healthcare through community education, mobile and static health care centres and integration of traditional health folk, Ayurvedic and modern systems of medicine. Specialist care is provided through camps at which invited specialists offer their services to the rural inhabitants. INHERE runs an ambulance facility to enable the sick to access specialist treatment in hospitals in times of emergency.

INHERE works closely with the state health system and has also been training healthgivers at the grassroots like the traditional midwives and the ASHAs or Auxiliary Health Associates promoted by the Government under the National Rural Health Mission. It is working as Mother NGO in mother and child care programme of Govt. and also providing Mobile health Facilities in defined circuits villages remote border development blocks through Multiutility Health Mobile Van under NRHM programme. The major challenge in health programe the organization faces is to attract qualified health professionals with sensitivity and commitment.

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